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  Books andCase Studies

The following books are recommended for those seeking to improve the teaching/learning environment.

Inter-library Loan Item = Available through Inter-library Loan

Amy A. Germuth, Ph.D. , Compass Consulting Gorup

Technology Gateway Case Study: White County High School
Use of the SC ATE Technology Gateway Curriculum for Dropout Prevention

Inter-library Loan Item Burger, Carol J., Creamer, Elizabeth G., & Meszaros, Peggy G., eds.

Reconfiguring the Firewall: Recruiting Women to Information Technology across Cultures and Continents. Wellesley, MA: A K Peters, Ltd., 2007.

Inter-library Loan Item Campbell, W.E., & Smith, K.A., eds.

New Paradigms for College Teaching. Edina, MN:  Interaction Book Co. 1997.

Fogarty, Robin J.

Problem-Based Learning and Other Curriculum Models for the Multiple Intelligences Classroom. Arlington Heights, IL:  IRI Skylight Training & Publishing, Inc., 1997.

Inter-library Loan Item Johnson, David W., & Johnson, Roger T.

Meaningful and Manageable Assessment Through Cooperative Learning. Edina, MN:  Interaction Book Co., 1996.

Johnson, David W., & Johnson, Roger T., & Smith, Karl A. 

Active Learning: Cooperation in the College Classroom. Edina, MN:  Interaction Book Co., 2006.

Inter-library Loan Item Starfield, Anthony, & Karl Smith, & Andrew Bleloch.

How to Model It: Problem Solving for the Computer Age. Edina, MN: Burgess International Group, Inc., 1994.

Wilkerson, L., & Gijselaers. 

Bringing Problem-Based Learning to Higher Education: Theory and Practice. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, Inc, 1996.

Inter-library Loan Item Cunningham, James, and Norman Herr. 

Hands-On Physics Activities with Real-Life Applications. West Nyack, NY:  A Simon & Schuster Company, 1994.

Barell, John. 

PBL: An Inquiry Approach.  Arlington Heights, IL:  IRI Skylight Training and Publishing, Inc., 1998.

Invention and Impact: Building Excellence in Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education, Conference Proceedings for the CCLI (Course, Curriculum & Laboratory Improvement) Conference held April 16-18, 2004 in Crystal City, Virginia

Friedman, Miles I. 

No School Left Behind:  How to Increase Student Achievement.  Columbia, SC:  The Institute for Evidence-Based Decision-Makin in Education, Inc., 2005.

Friedman, Miles I. & Fisher, Steven P. 

Handbook on Effective Instructional Strategies:  Evidence for Decision-Making.  Columbia, SC:  The Institute for Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Education, Inc., 1998.

Oakes, William C. & Leone, Les L. & Gunn, Craig J. 

Engineering Your Future:  A Comprehensive Approach. 5th ed.  Okemos, MI:  Great Lakes Press, Inc., 2006.

Baker, George A. 

Team Building for Quality:  Transitions in the American Community College.  Washington, DC:  American Association of Community Colleges, 1995.

Harvey, Eric, & Cottrell, David & Lucia, Al. 

The Leadership Secrets of Santa Clause.  Dallas, TX:  Performance Systems Corporation, 2003.

Cottrell, David  & Harvey, Eric 

Leadership Courage:  Leadership Strategies for Individual and Organizational Success.  Dallas, TX:  Performance Systems Corporation & Cornerstone Leadership Institute, 2004.

Cottrell, David. 

12 Choices…That Lead to Your Success.  Dallas, TX:  David Cottrell, 2005.

Rothwell, William J., & Sullivan, Roland, eds. 

Practicing Organization Development:  A Guide for Consultants.  2nd ed. 

Rosenfield, Stuart.A. 

New Technologies and New Skills:  Two-Year Colleges at the Vanguard of Modernization.  Chapel Hill, NC:  Regional Technology Strategies, Inc., 1995.

Smilkstein, Rita. 

We’re Born to Learn:  Using the Brain’s Natural Learning process to Create Today’s Curriculum.  Thousand Oaks, California:  Corwin Press, 2003.

Smith, Peter. 

The Quiet Crisis:  How Higher Education is Failing America.  Bolton, MA:  Anker Publishing Company, Inc., 2004.

Inter-library Loan Item McKeachie, Wilbert J., & Barbara K. Hofer. 

Teaching Tips.  11th ed.  Boston, MA:  Houghton Mifflin Co., 2002.

Inter-library Loan Item Marquardt, Michael J. 

Action Learning in Action:  Transforming Problems and People for the World-Class Organizational Learning.  Palo Alto, CA:  American Society for Training and Development, 1999.

Inter-library Loan Item Gradowski, Gail, Snavely, Loanne & Dempsey, Paula eds. 

Designs for Active Learning:  A Sourcebook of Classroom Strategies for Information Education.  Chicago, IL:  The Association, 1998.

Inter-library Loan Item Silberman, Melvin L. 

Active Learning:  101 Strategies to Teach Any Subject.  Boston, MA:  Allyn and Bacon, 1996.

Inter-library Loan Item Meyers, Chet & Jones, Thomas B. 

Promoting Active Learning:  Strategies for the College Classroom.  San Francisco, CA:  Jossey-Bass, 1993.


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>> Technology Gateway Case Study: White County High School

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