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A number of video productions have been purchased to support faculty development and curriculum delivery for the SC ATE Center of Excellence. These videos, listed below, may be borrowed by educators through interlibrary loan from the Wellman, Inc. (main) library at Florence-Darlington Technical College, 2715 West Lucas Street, Florence, SC 29501-0548. For more information, visit and click on "library" on the top tool bar.

Classroom Climate Workshop

Co-authored by: Dr. Mary Keehner and Dr. Emily Wadsworth
Time: 30 minutes
This gender equity video and facilitation guide presents dramas that deal with the issue of gender inequality in the classroom. The facilitation guide states that "a classroom characterized by gender equity is one in which: teachers make efforts to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to learn and master course content; teachers foster the growth of self-confidence in their students; and teachers avoid making pedagogical choices based on gender that have negative effects on the classroom climate". The video is 30-minutes long with several classroom dramas arranged to allow for discussion between them.

Discovering Women Video Series

WGBH Educational Foundation, 1999
This six-part series explores the lives and work of six women on the forefront of scientific investigation. Examine their work in such areas of discovery as plate tectonics, high energy physics, and computational neuroscience. Discusses the difficulties of women breaking into male-dominated areas of science.

> Earth Explorer Geophysicist - Marcia McNutt

60 minutes
Geophysicist Marcia McNutt sees science as a great jigsaw puzzle: “When the pieces fit together, it’s so much fun!” The “pieces” she’s working on include a study of the critical juncture beneath Lake Mead, Nevada, where the earth’s geological plates are pulling away from each other. Our continent is literally “falling apart before our eyes,” says McNutt, and someday North America may split into two separate continents. The profile follows McNutt as she studies these hidden forces, taking her to Tahiti where she and her colleagues examine xenoliths, rock fragments thrown up from the earth’s mysterious interior.

> Jewels in a Test Tube Biochemist - Lynda Jordan

60 minutes
As a teenager growing up in a dangerous, low-income housing project in Boston, Lynda Jordan was, as she put it, “on the cusp of becoming a delinquent child.” Today she’s a tenured associate professor in biochemistry, working on an exciting project: unlocking the secrets of a key human enzyme that’s vital to one of life’s most fundamental processes, giving birth. The inspiring story of Jordan’s journey towards that goal, and of her efforts to encourage the next generation of African American scientists like herself, is at the heart of this profile.

> DNA Detective Molecular Biologist - Lydia Villa-Komaroff

60 minutes
Studying the brain’s mysteries presents Lydia Villa-Komaroff, an associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, with an exciting challenge. Like a sleuth, she has to rely on any clues she can find and follow her instincts. Will they lead her down a blind alley or to a scientific breakthrough? The profile offers a meditation on the value of failure as a tool in science – and a vision of a successful woman scientist.

> Secrets Underground Archaeologist - Patty Jo Watson

60 minutes
4,500 years ago, barefoot adventurers crawled through dark, narrow passages deep inside the earth, exploring their world with remarkable courage and skill. In this profile, archaeologist Patty Jo Watson follows their path and views their footprints with awe. Watson’s work in caves has uncovered intriguing new information about the earliest North Americans, and has led to a re-evaluation of our beliefs about them.

> Silicon Vision Computational Neuroscientist - Misha Mahowald

60 minutes
As a child Misha Mahowald went on a ride at Disneyland where visitors were “shrunk down” into “water molecules.” Being only a child, she thought what she was seeing was real. “The world suddenly was much more interesting than I’d been lead to believe, because there were all these things that were normally invisible that were really there,” she remembers. Today Mahowald brings that same curiosity to her work as a young scientist in a very young field, computational neuroscience, a combination of neuroscience and biology.

> High Energy Physicist - Melissa Franklin

60 minutes
To Melissa Franklin, building a machine that zaps subatomic particles is as much of a kick as staying up all night listening to Frank Zappa albums. She’s an eclectic innovator with a quirky sense of humor. She’s also the first woman to become a tenured professor in Harvard University’s physics department. In this profile, Franklin brings the cameras inside the multi-million dollar, 140-ton particle detector at Chicago’s Fermi lab. The detector, which Franklin helped build, accelerates “the smallest things in the world,” (subatomic particles) and smashes them together producing data that physicists can record and study.

Math At Work

Jocelyn Riley, Producer
Time: 15 minutes
Math at Work, features 13 women in a wide variety of nontraditional careers, from welding and machining to an architect, firefighter, helicopter pilot, and sheet metalworker. Each woman speaks directly to the audience in her own words, emphasizing the role mathematics plays in her ability to do her job well. This oral-history approach offers audiences vivid primary-source material. The music in the soundtrack is contemporary and lively, designed to appeal to young audiences.

The Power Dead Even Rule

Pat Heim
Time: 36 minutes
The propose of this program is to promote the best possible communication between men and women in the workplace. As we move between male and female cultures, we sometimes have to change how we behave (we need to "speak" the language of the other gender) if we hope to make people understand what we want and need from them in any given situation. According to the research presented by Dr. Heim, men and women behave according to two separate sets of cultural rules about what "right" is. Learning the cultural differences which define what is right for men and women, together with a good sense of humor is the first step leading to meaningful intergender communication.

Team Player

American Media Incorporated (AMI), Producer
Time: 25 minutes
Teams are a crucial ingredient in today's business world. That is why American Media has created an extensive program to develop and enhance successful teams and team players. The purpose of this program is to work together more effectively as a team to take responsibility when problem solving, brainstorming, or decision making. This training program can strengthen each participant's ability to function in a team environment, and ensures the overall success of a team's efforts.

We've Got To Stop Meeting Like This!

American Media Incorporated (AMI), Producer
Time: 15 minutes
We've Got To Stop Meeting Like This! puts American Media's celebrated "how-to" formula to work on meeting management. It will show your team how to turn even the most misdirected meeting into an organized, productive session where team participants are valued, focused and involved. Through the course of this entertaining dramatization of a real meeting, your team will learn how to save time by holding only necessary meetings, by starting and ending meetings at agreed-upon times, and by asking team participants to come prepared. The video will help teams communicate better and use company resources (such as time) as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Wealth, Innovation & Diversity

Joel Barker & Paul Hopkins Productions
Time: 31 minutes
Hosted by best-selling author and futurist, Joel Barker, Wealth, Innovation, & Diversity contends that your organization will experience long-lasting success only when you reap the benefits of diversity by collaborating with individuals and enterprises that are different than yourself. Drawing from history, science and innovations of organizations and nations, Barker introduces a new premise for thinking and understanding diversity and a compelling need for change, offering a new vision for the 21st Century.

Workteams and the Wizard of Oz

CRM Films
Time: 17:40
Using spectacular footage from the film The Wizard of Oz as a powerful metaphor, management expert Ken Blanchard teaches six keys to successful teamwork. He shows that Dorothy, the Kansas teenager who dreams she has entered a fantasy world, becomes a team leader that any modern-day organization would value.

Real World Learning

Florence-Darlington Technical College
Time: 07:30
This is a recruitment video for engineering technology careers. The video is animated and targeted to middle-school students. Funding for this Engineering Technology student recruitment video was provided by ArvinMeritor through the Florence-Darlington Technical College ATE Scholars Consortium.

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