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Interview Tips : Example Cover Letter : Example Resumes

  Top Ten Interviewing Tips for Engineering Technicians
  1. The more experience-the better! At least a 2 year degree in Engineering Technology and a four year degree is a plus.
  2. Any additional experience is a bonus. (ex. Military or on-the-job skills)
  3. Job history is very important. (Trends between jobs show how committed you are.)
  4. Your attitude and communication skills show an employer your potential. Most employers are very interested in what you can do for them, this is how they perceive your potential.
  5. Dress for success! A suit or blazer and tie is preferred for all positions, but occasionally a collared sport shirt with khaki slacks is acceptable for a technician position.
  6. Your resume speaks for itself. Make absolutely sure that both the cover letter and the resume are error free. Use good grammar.
  7. During the interview, ask questions. This builds interest with the interviewer and shows that you are interested in the company. Do your homework by thinking up good questions prior to the appointment. Visiting a company's web site is helpful.
  8. Multiple interviews are common. It is very normal to have interviews with 4 or more people during a single day and a second interview following at a later date.
  9. "Tell me about yourself." This question is very common and is intended to explore your communication skills and your response should be related to your previous job experiences. Be prepared to speak for 4 to 5 minutes connecting your previous experiences with the job you are interviewing for.
  10. Review potential questions. This is to assist you before the appointment with common questions that most interviewers ask. There are many books that can assist you with this area as well as online help. Reviewing potential questions helps you to feel more confident and comfortable when answering.

This list was prepared with the help of Mr. Ralph Davis, the Resin Process Controls Group Leader, at Wellman, Inc. Florence, South Carolina. Mr. Davis serves as a member of the National Visiting Committee for the South Carolina Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Center of Excellence.

Image of Mr. Ralph Davis, Wellman, Inc.
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Web sites that may help you prepare for an interview:

Interview Tips : Example Cover Letter : Example Resumes

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