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  Women in Technology

Choose Engineering Technology for a High Tech High Wage Job with a Future

Engineering technicians with the ability to communicate and get along with others will excel in today's team-based workplace.
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I was attracted to Civil Engineering because I loved drafting and math in High School. Heavy equipment always fascinated me and I wanted to be involved in construction. Therefore, Civil Engineering was a natural choice for me. Today, I enjoy designing a project and actually getting to see the plans being constructed in the field.
Sandy Watford - CET Student

  Sample Salaries: (provided by

Civil Engineering Technician:

$17.65 per hour

Engineering Drafter:

$21.16 per hour

Electro-Mechanical Technician:

$23.50 per hour

Electrical Technician:

$21.08 per hour

Civil Engineering Technology (CET)

Construction, railroad, public utility companies and architectural firms need civil engineering technicians to build and set up equipment for measuring distance, elevation, and angles. Some may work in laboratories and others may supervise construction of roads, bridges, airports, and water supply systems.

Engineering Graphics Technology (EGT)

Manufacturing Industries, Construction Companies, and Architectural Firms need engineering graphics technicians to create products using computer assisted design software. These technicians generally work under the supervision of professional engineers or licensed architects.

Choose Engineering Technology for a High Tech, High Wage, Non-Traditional Job

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  • Electronics Engineering Technology (EET)

    These technicians are trained to design and create electronic equipment and machines using plans drawn by engineers. Electronics technicians may work on robots, computers, medical equipment, household appliances, radar and sonar equipment.

    Electro-Mechanical Engineering (E-MET)

    Manufacturing plants need technicians trained to use a variety of electrical and mechanical tools. Equipment includes motors, controllers, electronics, circuits, mechanical and pneumatic components, control components and parts.

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