Resources and Research Websites

Web Resources

Visit the websites provided below for more resources supporting ATE students and professionals.


CORD is a nonprofit organization committed to providing educational tools and innovative programs designed to empower faculty and prepare students for greater success.


EvaluATE supports the ATE program by providing webinars, resource materials, workshops, and opportunities for the ATE community to engage around issues related to evaluation.

CADCIM Technologies

CADCIM Technologies offers a large inventory of CAD/CAM textbooks for learning computer-aided product design and manufacturing, as well as training and consulting services.

The Foundation for Critical Thinking

This non-profit offers books, conferences, seminars, and other resources designed to foster fair minded critical societies that value ethical rationality, open inquiry, and freedom of expression.

Learning Theories and Models

Review over 100 free summaries for learning theories based in paradigms ranging from early behaviorism to 21st Century Skills, as well as educational guides and tools.

MERC Online

Access quality manufacturing education aids and best practices provided by National Center for Manufacturing Education’s Clearinghouse for Manufacturing Technician Education.

MIT's Open Courseware

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a free and open educational resource for educators and students covering various disciplines including engineering and the sciences.


SpaceTEC offers aerospace employees opportunities to advance their career by providing nationally recognized professional certifications in aerospace technology.

The Teaching Professor

The Teaching Professor Conference benefits educators by providing a combination of information, discussion, and inspiration to help faculty members instruct more effectively.


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