Industry Partners

When you join the SCATE Industry Consortium at Florence-Darlington Technical College, you help to guide and support future technicians and employees.

Industry partnership members are industry leaders who collaborate with Florence-Darlington Technical College and the South Carolina Advanced Technological Education (SCATE) Center of Excellence to prepare students for the demands and expectations of the technician profession. This provides you with a more cost effective approach to training future employees.

Companies also achieve a higher Return on Investment (ROI) through participation in the consortium compared with other traditional hiring practices, and position themselves to motivate, attract, and retain the best and brightest graduates already trained in team based problem solving and critical thinking.

Industry partners are recognized each year at the annual SCATE Center Consortium Partnership Breakfast meeting and continue to be committed supporters of the community through their contribution of workplace development and economic growth.

Summary of Benefits:

A cost effective approach to meeting employment needs for engineering technicians.
Recognition as a valued corporate citizen committed to workforce development and economic growth in your area.
Access to students trained in team-based classroom and on-the-job problem solving techniques.

A voice in FDTC technician education and first choice of students in the pipeline.

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